Our Story

Daniel Lamarche- Tofino Cedar Furniture
Daniel Lamarche
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Barbara Lamarche

Our Story

Tofino Cedar Furniture Ltd. (originally Clayoquot Crafts) was established in 1993 in Tofino, British Columbia on Canada’s rugged west coast. Having a home-based business, using locally-sourced wood, allowed us to raise our family in a small town with a world-class reputation. Renowned for its ancient forests and stunning beaches, as well as for its exceptional wildlife viewing and vibrant surf culture, Tofino attracts visitors from around the world. Like us, many people visit, and never leave.

We started Tofino Cedar Furniture selling to several of the exclusive resorts in the area. Soon, private customers and smaller businesses, including bed and breakfasts, were purchasing our products for their homes and businesses. Over the years, we re-designed our products so that visitors could take a bit of the west coast rainforest home with them. Today, we ship our fine cedar furniture around the world.

As our business grew in popularity, we outgrew our home base. So, in 2007, we moved our operations just down the road to an industrial area close to “downtown” Tofino. The larger shop and shipping area means we can better serve our customers, wherever they live.

Daniel and Barbara Lamarche

Our Philosophy

At Tofino Cedar Furniture we strive to bring you the best quality western red cedar furniture available. Each hand-crafted piece of furniture reflects our respect for the environment. We feel it is important to preserve coastal forests and to limit our carbon footprint, so our wood comes from number one grade, salvaged western red cedar, cut to our specification at a local sawmill.

Our wood suppliers search for logs that have fallen naturally due to storms into the waters of Clayoquot Sound and also for shorter logs left behind after wood harvest has occurred. These logs are salvaged, then floated to a small island where the company has its sawmill. There are many benefits to using these trees. Not only are we using “waste wood,” but because the trees have fallen naturally or have been floating in the water for some time, the wood is well-seasoned.

At the mill, the wood is graded and cut to size for use by Tofino Cedar Furniture. It then travels by small barge through Clayoquot Sound to Tofino and, after a five minute drive, the wood is delivered to our shop. There, we sort and grade the wood and place it in our kiln for a three week period of slow drying. This step is crucial to provide the highest quality cedar for our furniture. Finally, after these detailed steps, our skilled woodworkers begin hand-crafting the furniture. Daniel Lamarche, owner of Tofino Cedar Furniture Ltd., is personally involved in each step of the process.

Tofino Cedar Furniture specializes in Adirondack furniture and we have created a line of Adirondack chairs, rockers, tables and footrests that can be shipped worldwide in a flat pack kit. The Adirondack chair design evolved over several years until we achieved the perfect ergonomic chair, with a curved seat and back, seven-inch-wide arms and just the right back angle for comfort. It is comfortable and elegant, yet strong enough to be used in commercial establishments for years.

It was important to us to create a top-quality product that is sturdy enough to last for as long as 30 years, in any climate. Thus, we use only high-grade stainless steel screws and bolts. Western red cedar, of course, is the perfect long-lasting wood. Natural preservatives in the wood slow decay, a fact that is seen in the long-lasting cedar houses, totems, canoes, and art work of the native people in the region who have used western red cedar, “the tree of life,” for millennia.

Our philosophy is based on quality, rather than quantity. Although we use modern machines and tools, each piece of wood is handled up to 15 times before the product is finished. All pieces have routed edges and are machine-sanded to a fine splinter-free finish with perfectly smooth edges.

We have intentionally chosen to sell only from our Tofino location and our on-line store. By eliminating the middleman, we can provide a superior product at the best possible price. It is important for us to stay small, support our local economy, and deal directly with our customers. Customers who come to our shop and buy directly from us enjoy seeing how the furniture is made. We are always happy to meet people who buy our chairs and enjoy our furniture in their homes.

Tofino Cedar Furniture: designed for comfort, built to last.